The new wing of customer service

Mindware all development efforts are focuses on
service platform which integrates a variety of non-face-to-face customer contact methods and channels into MSA platform by ourself.

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About us

Our technology is
trying to improve connectivity
more easily.

Our first priority is focuse on our enterprise clients' customer management activities.
We develop the software needed to manage and analyze various messages, content, activity history and online/offline integration in one service platform.


  • CogInsight
    CogInsight is the most representative in the Korean market and the only service platform with successful cases in almost all industries. Our clients do not have a dependency on a specific company/ solution in the process of using solutions provided by AI service companies such as IBM, Google, and Naver. CogInsight is the most successful solution that guarantees the highest scalability and compatibility in the process of digital transformation using corporate AI technology, while lowering the dependence on a specific company's solution/technology.
  • Cogi
    Cogi's our own developed proprietary On-Promise natural language processing (NLP) technology supports real-time customer service via a variety of channel messaging apps and integrations such as Chatbots and voice bots. 2020 year, currently we've support the Korean, English and Japanses language only.
  • TouchHub Central
    TouchHub Central as an integrated service infrastructure for all on/offline non-face-to-face customer activities that occur throughout the process from customer connectivity planning to post-evaluation for large sales organizations. In the course of sales and marketing activities, we provide all management tools for a series of activities such as the integration of any contact activities that occur with customers, as well as the development, composition, and distribution of integrated marketing content at the head office-branch-sales representative's business/activity management/corporate level. Of the sales professional organizations of major financial institutions in Korea, 60% of sales representatives manage their customers through TouchHub.